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Jud Kuhn


For as long as I can remember I had a dream of fishing competitively, this all started as a young boy when my father and I would watch the tournament boats return to the docs to weigh-in their catch for that day in Wilmington, NC. Center console boats with multiple outboard motors and gold Penn reels attached to 8 to 12 rods was engrained into my mind for many years, today it is a reality.

A wise man told me many years ago that in order to be successful you have to surround yourself with great people, identify your weaknesses and hire team members that are extremely talented in those areas – motivate them and then get out of the way.

A leaders role after the birth of a team is to cast vision, remove obstacles, motivate, and simplify.

My vision for this team is to not only be competitive, but to place in the top 10% of every tournament. We will also capitalize on every opportunity to spend quality time and create positive lifetime memories with our children, family and friends. Passing on this great sport our fathers passed to us.

As the boat owner, I have removed as many obstacles that are humanly possible: purchased a 30-foot ST Contender, dual Yamaha 300 out board motors, 15 Gold Penn reels and Penn competition rods. The boat is outfitted with redundant Garmin GPS systems, VHF Radios and every other piece of equipment necessary to be competitive.

The motivation to win and compete is in every team member that has been assembled.  The Captain, Danny Juel’s, picked his first mate, created his own pay plan to include the mate and crew. The greatest motivating factor we all share is to weigh-in the biggest fish in as many tournaments as possible.

The way we stay focused is to ask ourselves these 3 questions:

  • What are we doing?
  • Why are we doing it?
  • What is your unique contribution to the team?

Everything else does not matter!

This is the birth of a boat named “Major Distraction” and a team named “Team Jud Kuhn Chevrolet”

Danny Juel


3rd Generation Commercial and Charter Captain with over 35 Years of Experience from Cape Hatteras, NC to Key West, FL

Captain Danny Juel has been a successful Commercial and Charter boat Captain for 35 years. His focus has been creating lifetime positive memories for family’s, children and fishing enthusiast of all ages. He consistently out produces other competitors daily. Captain Juel has been very successful throughout his entire career and now wants to focus a large percentage of his time on tournament fishing and elite fishing trips aboard “Major Distraction”.

Captain Juel has compiled 50 plus yeas of data from successful fishing excursions that started with his father and continued throughout his career. He has strategically compiled this information in a database that will give our team a competitive advantage. Captain Danny Juel is very family oriented and has a great passion for youth and creating a positive, safe fishing environment.

Captain Danny Juel’s experience on the water and his leadership will be utilized to lead Team Jud Kuhn Chevrolet to a successful tournament fishing legacy. His competitive nature will hold each team member to the highest standard so that we will create a competitive and successful tournament fishing team. His selection of a first mate came easy with William “TJ” Nixon. TJ has recently obtained his captains license and has worked as a team member with Captain Juel for over 7 years. They communicate very clearly without having to say a word but by looking at each other, simply put they have worked successfully together for so long they know what the other is thinking. Strength only found among the most successful teams in every competitive profession sport in existence.

Mac White

Crew Member

Mac has owned and operated several successful businesses in the Carolinas where he has created lifetime relationships and left a positive impact on many families. Over the years Mac has had a passion for off shore fishing and has owned several boats. He has competed in many tournaments and fished for enjoyment with friends and family members. He has created a legacy with all those he has come in contact with and has passed down his knowledge of this great sport to many.

In this season of his life his greatest passion is spending quality time with his family and friends in the great outdoors. He especially enjoys teaching his grandchildren and all young people the secrets to his success. His fishing knowledge has been developed over 60 plus years therefore he has a tremendous amount of information to share with young people. He has not lost his competitive edge and a will to win; Mac is a great asset to this team and its ability to successfully compete in tournaments.

Mac was responsible for introducing Jud Kuhn to Captain Danny Juel, which was the birth of Team Jud Kuhn Chevrolet. He felt that if Jud and Captain Danny were to team up and start fishing in local tournaments they would be very successful and competitive in any tournament they entered. Mac humbly stated this team could be a “Major Distraction” to tournaments teams. Thus the name “Major Distraction” was adopted for the 30 foot Contender the Team will use.

TJ Nixon

First Mate/Co-Captain

Captain of Fish Screamer 2 for 1.5 years and a first mate for 15 years.

Co-Captain and First mate TJ has 15 years experience in and aboard many fishing vessels throughout his career. He knows his way around boats and is an expert on all fishing situations. He started from the ground level and has worked his way up through the ranks to become a successful fishing Captain. TJ will contribute to the success of this fishing team with his vast experience, knowledge and great passion to catch fish. He will be instrumental in keeping the boat and team organized and competitive at all times.

TJ has mastered many strategies in the tournament-fishing arena that will allow the team to catch big fish and be productive on every outing. He is very family oriented and maintains a positive attitude during the most intense situations. This positive attitude along with a level head has allowed him to excel again and again where many other mates would have not. His confidence and professional demeanor is infectious and easily passed on to other team members. This keeps the team in a positive mental state through all situations. He is a great and important asset to the team.

Because of his knowledge and willingness to pass it on, children are drawn to him.  These children are positively influenced and create memories and friendships for life.

Luke Board


Luke Board became passionate about fishing very early in life. He was blessed to have a grandfather that competed and was very successful on the BASS Circuit. Hurley Board’s success and passion sparked a fire in Luke that still exists today.

Luke owns and operates a successful commercial plumbing business and has become a great leader to many employees. He has become an incredible husband and father of a young son and daughter who spends time in the outdoors on a regular basis creating positive lifetime memories. Luke spent as much as 180 days a year offshore fishing with his grandfather as a young man and then focused on taking his business to a new level.

Luke and Jud met in North Myrtle Beach in 2009 when they discovered they also shared a passion for deer hunting, shortly there after they hunted together on a national TV show, Drop Zone Hunting. It was a natural progression for them to join each other when Jud purchased a new 30-foot Contender St.  The two are very competitive, therefore it was only a matter of time until the team entered SKA tournaments.

Luke is instrumental in the growth of Barefoot Church where he attends and serves as the Campus Development Pastor. His contributions and continuing service to the church’s vision has aided Pastor Clay Nesmith who has become an inspiration to both Luke and Jud.

Please follow along as we develop Team goals and strategies that hopefully will find us successful on the SKA tournament trail.


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Fish With Us

If you have a desire to fish on “Major Distraction” the same boat that we us for Team Jud Kuhn Chevrolet please contact Captain Danny Juel at 843-516-1533 or 843-446-1913.

Captain Danny Juel and TJ would love to take you on a fishing trip of a lifetime aboard a fully equipped tournament type fishing vessel. The boat has the ability to get to the Gulf Stream in less than 2 hours, which gives you more time to fish.  The boat has the latest and greatest electronics and fishing gear available.

It is our goal to provide each guest with the best fishing experience of his or her lifetime; we guarantee a professional and positive environment. Captain Danny Juel will always make certain that you will catch a variety of quality fish. We welcome fisherman of all experience levels.

All tackle; bait, and fishing gear will be provided for your enjoyment.

Item we suggest you bring:

  • Drinks and food, no glass please.
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Rain gear and warm clothes when applicable.
  • Recommend motion sickness meds for the inexperienced.

Our goal is to have a great fishing experience so we suggest that you drink responsibly at all times and remain in a state to catch fish. Any excessive drinking or unsafe conduct will be dealt with in a professional manner.

No liquor allowed.

We have a maximum of four guests per trip.

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